Out and About in California

When visiting sunny California, there are always landmarks and hot spots, but for those that want to try something a little different and do the things Californian’s do, all it takes is a day trip. Being in a state that has some of the best weather around, great beaches and is home to Hollywood it would seem that there are endless amounts of activities available. When you’re ready to get out and about in California, try these day trips. Shopping The Grove, located on Fairfax has some of the best shops in Los Angeles. There’s a Barney’s, a Nordstrom’s and tons of other popularized retail venues that are equipped to let you shop ‘til you drop! If you prefer buying from smaller more intimate vendors, don’t fret because The Grove is lined with carts operated by business retailers of all sorts. The diversity of the cart vendors is vast as there is a Crocs dealer, cell phone accessories provider, a dress and purse vendor, and many more. Shopping at The Grove is more than just about finding great products. There is usually live entertainment, music and The Farmer’s Market is right next door. Making The Grove the perfect day trip for couples or the entire family! Santa Barbara The beautiful sandy beaches, fine dining and scenic views make Santa Barbara an ideal location for a day trip! The gorgeous views from beach front restaurants are the perfect motivation to take part in the many water sports available. From kayaking to jet skiing, Santa Barbara promises to delight! For the Adventurous If you have been there and done all of the above (which you probably have), why not go for the gusto and try a hot air balloon ride? Picture the views of all of Los Angeles from sunrise and beyond enjoying a beautiful day above the town. Hot air balloons are also great family treats for those that can get past the fear of heights. For loads of fun for the entire family you may try paintballing! Going paintballing is a strategic and fun game of espionage and teamwork providing the whole family the opportunity to get closer through working as a team. A great way to get active and have a ton of fun for an hour, or for the entire day! Make it interesting and invite friends along for a friendly competition! Take a cruise! There is plenty of time during the day to take a nice two-hour long cruise along the coast. Enjoying the lovely ocean air while eating lunch and cultivating conversations. San Diego’s oceanic scenery and fantastic weather provide for a superb day date. Enjoying California doesn’t always mean jetting down Hollywood Boulevard and taking the tourist route. There so many possibilities and adventures to be had if one is creative enough to look for them. Taking that into consideration, looking for things that you can spend your entire day doing will prove to be a much easier task than you may think. Enjoy California and have fun doing it!

California Yacht Weddings: California’s Great On Water Weddings And Charters

Thanks to its incredible coastline, California yacht weddings are a great way to express your love of the Pacific and your spouse-to-be. If you’re planning a nautical wedding, continue reading for a rundown of recommended yacht wedding charters in California, along with a few hints and tips that will keep you clean and dry on your wedding day. Admiral Yacht Charters Admiral Yacht Charters focuses the bulk of their business on California yacht weddings, all leaving from the Newport Beach Harbor. A standard wedding package with them will range in price from $7000 for 50 guests during the low season to just under $17,000 for 150 guests during the peak season. All wedding packages include boat charter, crew, décor, ceremony and a catered reception. The yacht company has a strong profile in the Newport Beach area and books up quickly, so brides should be prepared to commit well in advance. Hornblower Weddings in California Hornblower Weddings have a fleet with ports in San Diego, Marina Del Rey, Berkeley, San Francisco and Newport Beach, meaning they can service almost the entire California coastline. That also means they’re very popular with California brides. The prices at Hornblower aren’t the cheapest in California, but they’re still reasonable. Brides can expect to pay about $150 to $160 per guest for a standard package that includes a sit-down dinner, drinks, a DJ, ceremony and decorations. The Hornblower fleet is made up of 25 vessels, ranging from small and intimate (20 guests) to massive (up to 600 stand-up guests). Electra Cruises Electra Cruises services the entire Southern California area, utilizing either their own fleet or a network of vessels in the surrounding area. Their services also go beyond yacht charters. They also do complete wedding consultations with the bride to arrange catering, decorations, invitations and other planning tasks. Many brides enjoy the personalized and customized service, along with the included DJ and photographer. Electra Cruises is popular for a reason – they offer stellar yacht weddings at incredibly low prices. Brides can expect to pay $6000 and $16,000, depending on the vessel, day and number of guests, but their average price is about $80 per person for a Saturday wedding. However, while the company provides a photographer and DJ, the cost doesn’t include a host bar. Expect to pay an additional $12 to $14 per person for bar services. Hints for a Great Yacht Wedding California yacht weddings are all about the open sea and beautiful harbors. Unfortunately, they also come with salt water, dirty piers and multiple wedding dress hazards. Keep your dress pristine by looking for a yacht company that offers an on-board change room and opt for a dress without a train. If you decide after all that you strongly prefer a typical lengthy wedding gown and train for your ceremony on the yacht, you should come well prepared with 2-3 bridesmaids who can assist keeping your gown and train from dragging across a wet or dirty floor.

Serving Peace and Free Tea – One Cup at a Time

You can make great changes in your world by doing simple, small acts of kindness. Mother Teresa once said, “God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love.” Guisepi, from FreeTeaPary.org is a perfect example of Mother Teresa’s words – and he’s doing so, one cup of tea at a time.

The concept of “free tea parties” grew organically out of a lifestyle Guisepi was living. He always enjoyed a good cup of tea, but in early 2005, he started sharing his tea with others from the tailgate of the truck he was living in. By offering a little bit of food and tea with people on the street, great conversations and interactions took place that bridged the gap of so many stereotypes, colors of skin, and educational backgrounds that normally would never intermingle with each other.

Guisepi’s original intention was merely to throw tea parties wherever he traveled as a way to interact with the communities he visited. It was cheap and easy to do, but most importantly, it was fun. After some time, friends and tea party attendees began to share their thoughts about how incredible these parties really were. They saw people walk away from his truck with more love, hope and ideas on how to make a positive difference in the world.

Today, tea is served out of his Tea Bus that he calls, “Special Edna”, which is a short, yellow school bus. Its perfect size allows him to parallel park on major streets and has better fuel economy than if he owned a larger bus. “Special Edna” is his home and he graciously shares his traveling abode with anyone who cares to have a cup of tea with him.

Serving free tea is nothing new to humanity. “Much of the world already incorporates free tea parties into their everyday lives.” says Guisepi, “ Whether it’s at the top of the Himalayas after a long journey by foot, sharing a yerba mate in Argentina, or an afternoon snack in the UK, free tea parties are one of the oldest and most universal interactions amongst people around the world that still exists.”

Guisepi has friends who throw their own versions of tea parties and he thinks it is great. One man he met in San Francisco was so thrilled with the idea that he decided to fulfill his longtime dream of serving free stew to people. “Not to be too cheesy, but it isn’t bout the tea or a school bus – it’s about real human connections, sharing ideas, self-expression and being free people” he explains.

If you’ve never attended a Free Tea Party, I highly suggest you do. Either attending one of Guisepi’s parties or hosting your own – it is truly an experience you’ll never forget.

I was fortunate enough to experience one of his Free Tea Parties while he had his Tea Bus parked on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California. I spent about 3 hours inside his bus, enjoying a hot cup of tea and endless conversation with people from all over the world. It was one of the purest experiences of humanity at its best – strangers living in the present moment, but feeling more like family.

Booking a good Bus Rental Services in California

Bus rental services in California have just become easier with us. We have everything that it takes to run a bus rental service. There are a number of things that you have to keep in mind when you are hiring out a bus. Will the bus be good enough to travel long distances as in would the journey be comfortable enough? Would the bus have enough seating for all that you are taking along with you on your journey? Would the bus journey be fruitful and would it enhance your knowledge about California? If you are booking with us, you can tick the answers to all those questions as yes. You can make sure that you have the best of what is available with us. And what is available is the best of the lot in the market. We have a lot of experience when it comes to renting our charter busses. Therefore if you are not sure of what you want to do or how you want to go about planning your holiday then you can come to us and we will give you helpful suggestions based on what you want and what you need. This will help you decide how your tour would go about and how you would make the people that you are traveling around with comfortable. After all, when you are travelling together in a group, you should make sure that everyone the group is comfortable. This would ensure that you are keeping your group happy.

When travelling around California you would find many places of interest. We would help you decide a route suggesting various places of interest that you bus would take. There might be certain places that you would know of and would want to visit. There might be certain places that you might not even be aware of. Such places we can suggest and along with the places that you would like to visit we can formulate a route map that you bus can take. This way you will not miss out on any of the interesting spots in and around California when you book the tour with us.

Also there are many spots in California both famous and not so famous that have many interesting stories behind them. When you are visiting a famous tourist site, you should also know why such a site is so infamous. Therefore you need to make sure that you know the history of the site. This, a tour guide can tell you. A tour guide will take you around these historic spots and make sure that you understand why these spots are important. This will make sure that you know the significance of such places. Apart from that our fleet of busses are equipped with the modern range of entertainment features that includes TV, music system etc. You should make sure that you approach us at the earliest of dates because at the last minute it would be very hard for us to accommodate you.

Charter buses for your in-land travel

Charter tour bus companies are countless these days, we are having a tough time choosing them if we had to get a break from the regular noisy city life. Most of us are highly dedicated and equipped in the professions we undertake. One of the greatest characteristics a human can exhibit is his ability to work sincerely. Our world has changed and quickened to be honest. The pace at which things are being handled is highly amazing and something that ought to be noticed and praised.

The amount of comforts, the ability to have adapted to our surroundings pretty well etc is truly excellent. We certainly deserve to be the most superior beings of all creatures in our world. However, everyone does have certain set of limitations. We are not robots and one cannot certainly work like the way we do at all times and put up a smile while doing so. Stress has become our best friend as we work 24×7 all through the year with barely anytime for even sleeping or eating. Something that is very admirable in terms of our dedication and will power but highly stupid and ironical considering the fact that we do it for a better future wherein we lose our health and future in the process.

We need to take time for ourselves. Not just for ourselves but also for nourishing our families eventually. Embark upon a vacation whenever you can. It helps us to get rejuvenated and enthusiastic about living one’s life. This is also the best thing as you can get back to your usual routine and perform more efficiently in terms of your profession. When you decide to take a vacation, it is very important that you plan ahead. This not helps you to plan your budget wisely but also allows you have time to do everything that you can do at the new environment. Planning for travelling within the land is as equal as planning for the trip.

When it comes to in-land travel, you ought to consider the group you are travelling with. You need to have a fair idea about the numbers of people travelling with you. This helps you plan your trip better and save some money whilst you are travelling in land. Depending upon the size of your group you can choose your vehicle for the travel. Of course you can choose several cars for a large group as well. But the whole point of the trip is to stay together and enjoy together. What is the point in travelling in different set of cars?

For your convenience there are many charter tour bus companies in the market all around the world. They provide charter buses, mini vans and mini bus charters, cars etc. You name it, you’ve got it. These companies also provide services for schools and colleges for their field trips, excursions, and what not. They are also usually hired by sports teams when they embark upon tournaments to travel to their respective venues. Never compromise upon quality over pricing. Most of these companies are highly negotiable. But do your ground work properly and hire reputable company services at the end of the day. There are many websites providing details about the same. Make good use of them.

Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals Are More Stylish And Less Expensive Than Taxis

f you want to take your party to the next level, gather your friends together and take advantage of a number of Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals, instead of driving all over the city. With Los Angeles party bus rentals, you can have the perfect vehicle for any occasion, nobody has to worry about drinking and driving, all you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. With the highest quality Los Angeles party bus rentals, you will receive a spectacular vehicle, along with professional drivers and a complete line of amenities for you and your guests. You can save a lot of money on gas, avoided traffic tickets, and just enjoy your ride when you take a Los Angeles party bus rental for your next event. Regardless of the type of party you are having, from bachelor, bachelorette, weddings, corporate events, sporting events and more, you can get the perfect Los Angeles party bus rentals for any occasion.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties simply are not the same without having the perfect destination. So, once you have done a bit of planning and you have a destination in mind, make sure you and your guests arrive in style with a Los Angeles party bus rental. You can get Los Angeles party bus rentals to take you to a variety of destinations around Southern California, even into Las Vegas. Las Vegas is truly a spectacular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties, because as you already know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Los Angeles party bus rentals are also a superior alternative to driving to the plethora of sporting events available in Los Angeles. Instead of having to worry about fighting traffic, paying for parking, and trying to get a meeting spot coordinated for you and your friends, let a Los Angeles party bus rental take care of it for you. They are equipped to carry up to 30 people, and have extensive storage for your tailgate party. This makes your sporting event easy to get to, as well as hassle free, see you can truly enjoy every sporting event Los Angeles has to offer.

In addition to Los Angeles party bus rentals, you can also find a variety of limousines, perfect for any occasion. They look spectacular and wedding photos, and have room to accommodate all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as friends and family. These services are available to transfer your entire party to your wedding, to ensure that everyone arrives on time and in style. In addition, the same services are available for corporate events, which is a spectacular way to pick up your corporate clients from the airport and take them wherever they need to go in Los Angeles. This is a superior way to add value to your company, as you are making the perfect impression for all of your corporate clients with a stylish stretch limousine. Regardless of the occasion, if you want to arrive in style, all you need to do is find the best Los Angeles party bus rentals on the Internet, where you can quickly and easily make your reservations today.